YF-S401 flow sensor settings

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to integrate YF-S401 flow sensor with my agriculture drone. can anyone help me how to integrate it or what are the parameters which needs to be set ?

Hey @Lucas ,
Yes we can guide you for setting up the sensor. You can set the parameters given below through AeroGCS Config.

Configuration Through AeroGCS Config:
• BATTx_MONITOR = 11 (Fuel Flow)
• BATTx_CURR_PIN = (This is the GPIO pin where the sensor is attached) (50 if sensor pin is
attached to AUX 1)
• BATTx_AMP_PERVLT = (This is set in milliliters per pulse for fuel flow sensors)
• SERVOx_FUNCTION = -1 (AUXx where sensor pin is attached) (SERVO9_FUNCTION should be set to -1 if sensor pin is attached to AUX 1)

Note: Please reboot the drone after changing any of the parameters.

what value should be given at BATTx_AMP_PERVLT , Our flow meter value is not being shown on the Aerogcs green software but consumed rate is being shown. tried to give alternate power source even then only consumed rate is being shown, but flow rate is not shown all the setting given are done. The sensor is YF S401

also the Valued of BATTx_AMP_PERVLT is being changed after each test when checking in aerogccs config. 0.44 is not constant it is always changed after running

The BATTx_AMP_PERVLT value depends on the flow of liquid and pulses. It is calculated when you calibrate flow meter. For calibrating that you can go to spraying settings section and under that flow meter calibration section is available. You can calibrate it for atleast 5 litres. The value will not change after every flight.