CAN GPS Parameters

Hey Guys,
I’m using the Here 3+ CAN GPS. I’m facing hurdles in setting the parameters of it. Can anyone share the parameters which are to be set before calibrating ?

Hello @Raoshet ,
Connect the 4 pin CAN cable connector to CAN1 or CAN2 port on the flight controller.

Power the flight controller and connect it to AeroGCS Config. Go to “RPA Configuration > Advanced Parameters section” and modify the following parameters:

CAN_D1_PROTOCOL: 1 set virtual driver of CAN1 to DRONECAN

CAN_D2_PROTOCOL: 1 set virtual driver of CAN 2 to DRONECAN

CAN_P1_DRIVER: 1 set this parameter to enable CAN 1 bus

CAN_P2_DRIVER: 1 set this parameter to enable CAN 2 bus

GPS_TYPE: 9 set the communication protal type of GPS 1 to DRONECAN

NTF_LED_TYPES: 231 Set to DRONECAN for LED type

There is no external safety switch. Set BRD_SAFETYENABLE as 0 to disable safety switch, or connect an physical external safety switch.

Try this settings this will work for the Here 3/Here 3+ CAN GPS.


Thank you @aniket_avati , Now the GPS is working as expected.

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