Which RC do you suggest?

Guys would like to know which RC to choose as I am compiling list of components to build a sprayer fir myself.

hey droneChamp!
you can go for any RC, to start with you can use T12 so that your own android mobile can also be used.

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Ah I see, I checked T12 but i didnt like the fact that it needs a phone to be attached I would prefer something with inbuilt display

One i saw was MK15E does this work with your software ?

@droneChamp Yes AeroGCS GREEN supports MK15 RC. You can go for it.

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Thanks @aniket_avati for the reply

As a beginner can i use T10

Hi @Dipanshu_Dhote thanks for getting in touch , yes you can use T10 as a beginner in fact T10 is also used in many commercial level drones too. You can use AeroGCS GREEN on a mobile and connect it with T10 .

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