AeroGCS Green - Cannot Understand Spraying Parameters

Hello Team,
Under Settings → Spraying Parameters, what is mean by SPRAY_SPINNER and SPRAY_SPEED_MIN.
What should be the minimum or suggested values for these parameters?
Please help.
Thanks from Satyam

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Hello @satyampatil
SPRAY_SPINNER is basically spinner’s rotation speed in PWM. If you are using spinner you can set the value between 1000 to 2000. Ideally it should be near about 1300.

SPRAY_SPEED_MIN is minimum speed at which spraying will begin. Its range is 0 to 1000 cm/s. Ideally it should be 100 cm/s. So the sprayers will begin when the drone will reach minimum of 1 m/s speed.


Thank You @aniket_avati for response