Line skipping while spraying

I have taken a flight near about 3 acre but sometimes the sprayer is not on immediately and line gets skipped and later on it will be on for the next lane, anyone facing the same issue here?

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Ohh wow! so you have spraying drone with you! is it certified?

No, it is not certified yet!

hey @ramkrishna53 ,
I will suggest that kindly increase the sprayer on PWM value to 1900 and then try it. Also please tell what was the spray rate while spraying. If it was 20 30% keep it 100% and then try taking the flight. Please revert if any doubts.

Hi @aniket_avati Thank you for response, I will try using PWM value 1900 and spray rate I already used 30-40%.

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Definately. @ramkrishna53 Please try using higher PWM and if the problem persists then try changing the spray rate to 100%