Unusual Drone Disarming

Hello everyone,

Sharing one of the incident happened,
Late one night, we received a concerning call reporting that a drone had not disarmed for the past 4 to 4.5 hours. As the primary point of contact, We immediately took charge of investigating the issue to address the customer’s concerns and ensure the safe operation of the drone. Our initial inquiry involved specific questions about the remote control settings, battery failsafe status, and the drone’s current altitude, sensors attached and actions performed till now. Through this process, it was revealed that the drone’s propellers were continuously rotating at a low RPM, Maybe due to bad vibrations or an abnormal altitude of drone. Even after attempting to change modes from loiter to land, the drone refused to disarm.

In response, we suggested installing the AeroGCS KEA app on the pilot’s phone. After activating a license, we connected the drone to AeroGCS KEA and accessed the flyview. Clicking on the Disarm button within the app successfully disarmed the drone. The team visually confirmed the disarming, and the drone’s battery was safely removed.

The successful resolution highlights the effectiveness of innovative solutions and collaborative problem-solving.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.