Scrolling Challenges in Picstork's Image Annotation Reports

I’m using Picstork to annotate images, but I’m having difficulty with scrolling in the annotation report. The report isn’t easy to navigate by scrolling. I’m not sure if this problem is specific to me or if others are also facing challenges while scrolling through the annotations in the report.

Annotation Tool: Using Picstork for image annotation.
Difficulty Scrolling: Encountering problems while scrolling in the annotation report.
Navigation Issue: Report not easily navigable via scrolling.
Uncertainty: Unsure if this issue is personal or if others are also facing challenges.

Hello @Dr.M.Rao thanks for getting back to us , are you trying to scroll vertically for next pages ? In that case there is a toolbar on the top right corner with arrows , use it to go to next page .

If you are facing issue in scrolling an individual page then make sure you are using Chrome browser.

Let me know if that solves the problem .

You can share a screen recording as well to understand this further .