Inspecting Solar panels

Any ready to use detector / model for solar panels ? My company might want to explore some similar projects . Is it possible to train a model once with defects for solar panels and then use it for recurrent inspections ?
What considerations are there while capturing data ? Any guidance here ?

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As said before i m exploring products at the moment , need solid understanding before I propose it for a use case internally .

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Hi @droneChamp yes we have couple of Detectors ready for common Solar panel issues which can be detected from aerial imagery.

However you can also train your own models based on your own data and defects to be identified.

Capture data at lower altitude such as 5/10 meters and slow speed.

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trying this out , atm also need some manual annotations capability as said before and I think its there

@droneChamp you can work with both rgb or thermal data to identify solar defects with help of PicStork you can train your detector you will be also provided with temperature insights if you use thermal data . Check this video for more details