Analyzing Images

What particular analytical tools does PicStork provide for cloud-based aerial photo storage?


@Anand_Nayak PicStork is a AI / ML based platform to extract info from imagery. You get some ready to use models and on the top of this you can create your own models. These you can use to ease your regular image analysis work and generate reports.


Hey ,@Anand_Nayak

  1. PicStorkAI Object Detection and Segmentation: Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, PicStorkAI detects objects suitable for aerial imagery. This feature aids in identifying specific elements within the images, enhancing analysis and interpretation.
  2. Support for Satellite Images and GeoTiffs/Orthomosaics: PicStork supports various types of aerial imagery formats, including satellite images and GeoTiffs/Orthomosaics. This allows users to work with different sources of aerial data seamlessly.
  3. Thermal Insights: PicStork provides thermal insights to detect temperature variations within the aerial imagery. This functionality is particularly useful for applications such as monitoring and identifying heat anomalies or assessing thermal performance in various sectors.
  4. AI Training and Workflow Automation: Users can train AI models using their images, or use Public Detectors for specific analytical tasks.
  5. Comprehensive Reports: PicStork generates detailed reports that facilitate defect detection and object counting within the aerial imagery. These reports include geo-coordinates, providing precise location information for identified defects or objects of interest. This feature enhances data interpretation and decision-making processes for users.