DVT in AeroGCS-Orange

how DVT works in AeroGCS orange

Hey @Sweta2001 ,
In DVT there are multiple options available. I will explain it one by one so starting with GCP you can see the marked GCP’s in the plan and you can check that which images contains the GCP.
Then Geotagging, In geotagging we can geotagg the images by selecting the location file and the images which are to be geotagged.
Then upload data, In upload data we can upload the imageset/dataset to the cloud for further processing of data.
Then Image verification, In this we can correct the images like brightness, blurness, contrast, etc.
Missing & overlap, In this we can check the missing photos in the imageset and we can also check the overlap of images.
And lastly Image Quality so in this we check the image quality and user can reject if any image quality is not correct.

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