Image processing tool in survey GCS?

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Ok coming to the point,
I conducted a 3 aerial survey using VTOL in a remote village, and the captured photos have been stored on the SD card for some time. I reviewing them two days later, I am in distress :expressionless: because nearly 40% of the photos are blurry.
Do you have any tools available to correct these photos?
Can you please help me in this

Please provide me support contact of PDRL

I need a demo to use AeroGCS ORANGE to fly my VToL

right now, I am using open source software. but there its difficult to mange the projects and plans of the fields

HI you can reach out to support as

Hello @DroneGirl ,
Yes we have an option of image correction in AeroGCS Orange. Please download the beta version of AeroGCS Orange and on the dashboard you can see the data verification option available. You just need to login with AeroMegh account with free trail. Please check the attached screenshot.
AeroGCS Orange Beta -