Terrain clamping message

Our drone is using JIYI Terrain sensor, whenever flying there is a message in Aerogcs green that says Terrain: clamping Offset -n to n currently i have encounted this all the 3 recent flight done, in first flight TERRAIN_OFS_MAX was decided 10 m then this message pop up Terrain: clamping Offset , then i changed TERRAIN_OFS_MAX to 15 m , i got Terrain clamping: Offset -16 to -10, then i changed the value to 3 m, there was no error but then again flew then error came about to be -7 to 3,

my question is why is this error being shown, and how to resolve this error, what is the correct parameter value for TERRAIN_OFS_MAX and when using JIYI terrain sensor what all parameters are required to be set and what are their values.

Please tell which firmware you are using is it normal ardupilot firmware or PDRL’s firmware. Also share the JIYI terrain sensor name and picture so that we will be able to identify what parameters are needed for that sensor.