Spraying On Grape farm

Hi, I have 10 acre of grape farm and currently I’m using tractor for spraying the farm, but it is time consuming and in rainy season it is too difficult to operate it, Is there any chance to spray using Drone.

Hi UnniKrushnan,
Yes, it is possible to spray on leaves using a drone, but it seems challenging when it comes to fruits such as grapes. As you are aware, a tractor can be driven inside the grape lanes, but maneuvering a drone in this environment would be difficult. While it is possible, it requires a skilled pilot, and the drone should be configured with all types of obstacle avoidance sensors.
by the way
Rover is the good option in this case
we are already working on rover firmware and AeroGCS for the rover.
so it would be drone robo basically, and our own indigenous AeroGCS would plan the mission with our own firmware and same can be used for spraying.

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