Drawing areas for geotiff training task

I earlier worked on training detector using jpg images however this time i am using geotif in this kind of training task what is drawing area i could not understand it . I understand the part of annotation but what are these area’s .Can someone please explain


Hello @Virat

Before you start training your detector you are need to draw certain area which will have your annotations in it .
For every area you will need to have at least 3 minimum number of annotations and together combing all areas need to cover at least 20 annotations to start training task however its recommended to use more number of annotations to get a accurate detector depending upon the use case .

Training area: This is like showing your child lots of pictures of lions and telling them, “This is a lion.”. Your child learns from these examples so they can recognize a lion when they see one.

Testing area: After your child has seen lots of pictures and learned about lions, you might show them a new picture of a lion they haven’t seen before. You ask them, “What animal is this?” This is like the “testing area.” It helps you know if your child can recognize a lion even if it’s in a different picture than the ones they’ve seen before.

Accuracy area: This is like checking how well your child did in both learning and recognizing lions. Similarly, in the context of a detector, it’s like evaluating how well the detector performs in recognizing lions in percentage format.

Do’s and Don’t’s

here’s how you can draw train , test and accuracy area’s follow this video .