Connect a drone

I don’t have a physical drone, so for software simulation how can we connect the aircraft. So, I can practice for the AeroMegh Competition

Hey @Omansh ,

Connecting Mission Planner (Simulation Software) to AeroGCS Green involves a few steps.

  1. install Mission Planner from its official website
    link : Installing Mission Planner — Mission Planner documentation

  2. Open it follow the steps as below
    Click on Simulation > choose Model as Quad > and Multirotor

  3. Make sure that your network(wifi) on Simulation and AeroGCS GREEN should be same

  4. Try Connect from AeroGCS GREEN through TCP protocall.

  5. Enter the IP of same network as on with respected port as 5763(use this) and GREEN will auto connect to Simulator

AeroGCS GREEN link :
All The Best for Competition @Omansh :tada:


Thanks a lot!! It worked

Do I have to open Mission planner everytime to connect the drone?

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@Omansh , In case there will lost connectivity you have to check for same network for both side.

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do i need to select any protocol/port to be selected in the mission planner too ?
because I am getting some comm link error !

I have mission planner in my windows laptop and GCSgreens is in my mobile. and both are connected with same Wifi Connection.
Ip address:
Note: firewall is also disabled in case of any blocking etc.

Did you followed all steps to connect GREEN with Mission planner?

  1. Select TCP under connection
  2. Enter your IP with 5763 / 5762 / 5760 port
  3. Hit connect button

Note : Try to use different ports ( 5763 / 5762 / 5760 )