Upload and view models

Can I import my own 3D model? I need to perform measurements on it. Is this possible through Dronenaksha?

Hi @APS2356 as per my understanding of DroneNaksha ( which I am using since 10 days ) its possible to import OBJ files containing 3D models and view those. You can also import las/laz files to view PC 3D

And yes if the OBJ model is GeoTagged you can do the measurements too. Let me know if you need any help I may explain .

@droneChamp i am not able to find OBJ model upload option. can you please give me path for that.

@APS2356 you can import las/laz file in DroneNaksha , While you are trying to upload .obj such feature is not available as of now , However if you process it on DroneNaksha itself you can download a zip file which would have .obj or you can download las/laz .