Understanding GCS Software Variations and Choosing the Right One

As a new drone pilot, I recently learned about GCS software through a link and have a few inquiries. Could you clarify the distinctions between AeroGCS GREEN, AeroGCS Orange, and AeroGCS KEA software? I’m particularly interested in understanding how to determine which software is best suited for various purposes when flying a drone. Any guidance on selecting the most appropriate software for different types of drone operations would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @AerialArchitect ,
The AeroGCS GREEN application is used for spraying related application. If spraying of pesticides is to be done then you can go for it.
The AeroGCS ORANGE application is dedicately used for survey related applications. If you want to collect imageset/dataset and do further analysis then you can go for AeroGCS ORANGE.
The AeroGCS KEA software is for general purpose so you can use it for both.

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