Unable to login to Aeromegh Enterprise


Tried doing Forgot your Password option. Received email with Subject Password reset request.
However after clicking the link, before msg in browser
{“message”:“Invalid password reset link”}

Can someone look into this issue and guide, plz call +91 99.877.44.889

This will need some personal assistance and information can you please get in touch with us at support@aeromegh.com ? Let us know if that works .

Hi @mangeshsutar,

Thank you for getting in touch. It looks like you’ve clicked on the “reset password” link multiple times. Please note that the link becomes invalid after the first click. Kindly wait for some time after the initial click to receive the password via email.

If you haven’t received the password email after the first attempt, please generate a new “reset password” link from the Aeromegh app and try again. If the issue persists, feel free to reach out to us at support@aeromegh.com for further assistance.

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Hi Support,

Iam unable to reset my password for email : mangesh.sutar@hawkaerospace.in

Sent Email to support@aeromegh.com
Hi Support,

Iam unable to reset my password for email : mangesh.sutar@hawkaerospace.in

Warm Regards,
Mangesh Sutar
M: +91 99.877.44.889 E: [mangesh.sutar@hawkaerospace.in]

hi @mangeshsutar please check your emails , spam , junk folders as well, we have sent you a password reset email , if its not received let us know .

Hi Team,

I again tried just Forgot your Password option
It sent the email immediately, however after clicking the link it gave the same error bellow
{“message”:“Invalid password reset link”}
Then I received another email with password

Tried login using the password, but no luck

Kinldy look into this Issue as unable to login in for 10 Days and awaiting online support.

We will connect with you to solve the issue please check personal message sent .