Software update for AeroGCS GREEN

Attention, tech enthusiasts! :tada: We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest software update for AeroGCS GREEN.

Following are the updates for
Version 1.39
Build No: 65.174.20231112.02:

  1. Newly Implemented GStreamer live video streaming functionality supporting MK15 H264 and H265 decoders.
  2. Sprayed area calculation in Manual Flight
  3. Added System Health check up Dialog
  4. Showing Sprayed Area in Green coloured line in Automatic Flight
  5. While Drone Registration provide FC and RC Serial Number Input for Drone Registration, with UIN number retrieved and shown in relation to license key activation
  6. Added Two-step authentication using a mobile number and Email verification in AeroMegh account login
  7. Password visible and invisible toggle button added to login AeroMegh account