How to see Planing Path on Online tootls like Google Earth

Hello guys,
I have 5 pilots working under my team. They do flights at remote location. On my private device I dont have software installed. But I want to review plans before pilot took flights. Is there any way I can get standard flight plan file that I can open in online softwares like google map or google earth. it could be KML file or Shape file.

Hello @Dhananjay ,
You can view this using import KML option. Once you start the application you will see the dashboard so under the search bar collapsable button there is option of Import KML. You can select the KML file and import the KML. Inside the KML default plan will be drawn. Please check screenshots for better understanding.

Can I get KML file for saved plans?

Hi Dhananjay!
could you please upload the kml or kmz file here? or share us a screenshot

Sure, you can download a KML file from saved plan. You just need to open the saved plan and by clicking on 3 dots you will see a export KML option.Clicking on it will download the KML file for that plan. Please refer the below screenshot.