Help your Drone Didi through AeroMegh Professional

Namaste :pray:
I am the lady drone pilot! (engineer by qualifications). But, you know, I had a bunch of challenges when I first started my career. All my brother pilots used to tease me, just like people make fun of any lady driver.
It was difficult for me to use chinese software but then I came across made in India AeroGCS which is actually simple to use.
Thank you so much !
this will going to help me a lot even it will help to boost my career.
By the way, AeroMegh Professional be ready for my questions :grinning:


Hello @DroneDidi, I am truly inspired by your remarkable journey as a drone pilot, breaking barriers and paving the way for women in the field of aviation. and thanks for choosing โ€œBharat Ka GCSโ€ over a chinese product. We are pleased to help people who are passionate and making contribution to build the Ecosystem.

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