Custom Model Training: User Expertise Requirements?

Can users customize or train their own models within the platform for specific image analysis needs, and if so, what level of expertise is required?


“Hello! @sandeep_unnikrishnan
The process is extremely simple and user-friendly, allowing you to train your own model without requiring any expertise.
Picstork offers a guided tour for each step of the model training, ensuring ease of understanding. Simply follow the instructions regarding the minimum image and annotation counts.
It’s a straightforward and accessible way to create your model.”

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Also it has a free trial do register and try yourself .

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@sandeep_unnikrishnan The only expertise required to train a model is precise annotations training models is an intuitive process once you learn how the quality of annotation affects model predictions you are good to use it. PicStork has made every step of the training model simpler you do not need to be an expert in coding or training models.