Compass calibration

Hi professionals, I have spraying drone with payload around 25kg after filling the liquid. But sometime while going to the field, compass calibration gets disturbed. So it is very inconvenient
for us to do the compass calibration on field with this much payload.

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Hey @TechieJohn ,
Welcome and Thanks for posting.
We have an option of large vehicle compass calibration in AeroGCS GREEN app. Download the app from playstore and in the upper right corner menu button you will find settings option. In the settings the compass calibration section is available. Please try large vehicle calibration in it. Check the attached screenshots.


Thanks @aniket_avati for your support and detailed answer. I have checked this option after updating latest APK. It really helpful for us now. I just want to ask one thing that where can i get this Magnetic Declination angle and Is this location specific?

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Hey @TechieJohn you need not to enter the magnetic declination angle. We have already fetched it based on your drone’s GPS position. and yes it will vary when there is changed in drone location… Thanks!