Live tracking and Streaming

Hey there, Currently i am using 15 days trial of the AeroGCS Enterprise, I have tried project sync and flight reports. Now i want to try Live Tracking and streaming features. Need your support. Thank you in advance!

@shreyas Thank you for using AeroGCS-GREEN !!!
We have provided the features of Live tracking and Video streaming to enhance the user experience.
You can view the Live tracking of the drone by using following steps :-

  1. The Aeromegh account should be added to the AeroGCS-GREEN.
    If not -
    (i) You can add an Aeromegh account by clicking on the three-dot icon on the top right side.

(ii) Then open the settings option.

(iii) Then you can add an AeroMegh account by putting the credentials in the AeroMegh account option.

  1. The drone should be registered with the AeroMegh account.
    ( As you use a 15-day trial account, you can only add 1 drone to an AeroMegh account.)

  2. The created project and plan should be synced with the AeroMegh account .
    (You can sync the projects by clicking on the cloud option on the top right side of the GREEN.)

  3. If all the above processes are done, then you can upload created plan to the drone.

  4. After uploading, you can click on the Live button to start the live tracking of the drone.

  5. After that, you can view the live tracking of the drone by clicking on the registered drone name on the drone control centre.

Thank you @Narendramodi for the detailed answer. I have tried this feature it is very helpful for me. and also i can replay the flight whenever i want.